Accounts Receivable Purchase Solution

Accounts Receivable (AR) Purchase Solution — Fast Financing for Fast-Growth Businesses

Accounts Receivable (AR) Purchase Solution helps bridge the uncomfortable gap between accounts receivable payments by giving you advanced cash on outstanding invoices where you would otherwise need to wait 30, 60, 90 days or longer.

Why is AR Purchase Solution a good business funding option?

Having a solution for maintaining business cash flow while waiting on payment is important as more than 80% of small businesses struggle with late invoice payments.

Many believe a lack of sales is what kills businesses. More often, it’s the lack of cash flow.A few weeks ago, our…

Posted by Texas Citizens Bank on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What kind of businesses benefit from AR Purchase Solution?

Great for both large corporations with big cash demands and rapid-growth startups with limited credit history or capital, AR Purchase Solution gives you the instant cash you need to take advantage of ongoing business opportunities.

What are the main benefits of AR Purchase Solution over traditional funding options?

  • Quick and easy online application
  • You choose which customer(s) and invoice(s)
  • Access working capital within 48 hours
  • Fund immediate business opportunities
  • Pay suppliers upfront for better buying terms
  • Not considered a loan, therefore doesn’t add debt to your balance sheet
  • Daily rates (no convoluted pricing)
  • No monthly minimums
  • No hidden fees
  • 30-day contracts with no termination fees
  • Free customer credit checks by global credit experts

Is AR Purchase Solution right for my business?


AR Purchase Solution Overview


  • Small or new businesses in the process of refinancing loans; expanding operations; involved in mergers, acquisitions, MBOs/MBIs; or having difficulty qualifying for traditional business loans

  • Large corporations needing large amounts of working capital

  • Businesses of all sizes waiting on multiple receivables with lengthy terms

Industries served

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Oil & gas

  • Staffing agencies

  • Service sector

Advance rates for AR
Funds are awarded based the following risk factors:

  • Credit worthiness of invoiced party

  • Credit worthiness of customer

  • Value of invoice

Bottom Line

  • Funding within 48 hours

  • $10K–$1M per month

  • 1–3% fees


    Waiting on Accounts Receivable (AR) payment but need cash now?

    Asset-based financing gives big corporations with large cash requirements and new businesses with little credit history immediate working capital based on assets (inventory, equipment, etc.) or future income from receivables. Most of the funds are advanced within 48 hours in exchange for the fixed asset or account receivables. Upon receipt of the invoice, you receive the remaining balance after fees.

    Common Collateral

    • Receivables
    • Inventory
    • Equipment
    • Other fixed assets

    Negotiate better terms with your suppliers by paying upfront.

    Purchase Order Financing, or Accounts Payable Financing, is a specific type of Asset-Based Financing that allows buyers to access cash needed to buy outright—often at a better rate. This is a short-term, commercial financing option that gives businesses more flexibility without forcing them to draw from current lines of credit or loans.


    Credit Protection safeguards businesses against non-payment due to slow payment or even in cases of bankruptcy on your customer’s end.

    In addition, it gives businesses instant access to customer history and insights, so you can evaluate risk and set proper terms. Confidently cross over to new markets and take on new customers knowing your accounts receivable are insured.

    TIP: By pairing a Line of Credit secured by accounts receivable with your Credit Protection, you can enhance eligible accounts receivable and make more funds available under the Line of Credit.

    Top 10 Reasons to Have Credit Protecton

    1. Safety
    2. Peace of Mind
    3. Funding
    4. Profitability
    5. Growth
    6. Confidence
    7. Cash Flow
    8. Information
    9. Competitiveness
    10. Speed

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