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March 28, 2018


In order to reduce fraud, we are limiting the international use of the TCB Debit Card.

Please notify us if you will be traveling outside of the United States and would like the ability to use your TCB Debit Card.

Please contact us at 713-948-5700 prior to your departure.


August 26, 2016


Ever get an email about the status of your account? Perhaps it presented one of the following scenarios:

  • We show your account is currently frozen/disabled due to some recent activity...
  • Due to inactivity your account is about to be deleted from our system unless...
  • To keep your account active, we need some information updated as soon as possible...

Welcome to the world of "phishing". The message probably provided a link for you to access "your account" and "update" or "confirm" your informamtion.
The site you access may look exactly like the site of your trusted institution - but it isn't them!

You have been directed to a site where you will be asked for personal account related information so that fraudsters may gain access to this account and
potentially other accounts you own as well as information for potentially trying to open credit accounts in your name.

Some tips for you to follow:

  1. Be wary of these types of messages. If ever unsure contact us directly and speak with a representative.
  2. Never provide personal info via a link - even if the email looks legit go directly to our website at: https://www.texascitizensbank.com
  3. Check your account activity daily and look for transactions that are suspicious.
  4. Set up "Notify Me Alerts" on your account activity so you can monitor activity even if not logging into the system.
  5. Set up the "Successful Log In" security alert so you know when someone has accessed your account.

Don't get hooked by these attempts to access your information. We are here to help protect your accounts but taking actions together we can do an even better job.

Tribute to Bill Bailey Always be aware of phone calls or emails asking for personal information. Hang up or delete…keep your personal information safe.