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TCB Expanding to Houston Entrepreneur Hub, The Cannon

posted on June 25, 2019 in Community

Updated: December 27, 2019

Houston, Texas (June 25, 2019) — We’re branching out!

Positioned alongside massive incubator and coworking space, The Cannon, our new 3,900 square foot bank location will become an integral part of a larger entrepreneur ecosystem. Put another way, this West Houston Texas Citizens Bank (TCB) banking center is designed to support the funding, deposit, and cash management needs of a mini Silicon Valley. Think Google’s famous Mountain View campus (aka the “Googleplex”), but for Houston startups. Now imagine if that campus had a dedicated bank tailored to tenant needs.

“This branch will be distinctly different from our others,” said Duncan Stewart, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Texas Citizens Bank. “We’re catering to a specific business audience within the Greater Houston area. These bright, young entrepreneurs have a rapid-growth, tech-centric mindset. We believe our financial products and business services not only align well with those objectives but also answer a real need for them.”

While our bank products and services fill a void for Cannon business owners, Cannon members are not the only businesses that will benefit from this new banking location.

“Of course, we will also service the many additional businesses in the area as well,” Stewart continued. “These types of businesses have been our focus from day one.”

In addition to our existing products, we just launched a business bank account designed specifically for new entrepreneurs. Available exclusively to Cannon members, the TCB Cannon Founders Business Checking account includes attractive features such as free ACH Payroll*, QuickBooks Integration, Positive Pay (check fraud protection), and more.

TCB firmly believes that people bank with bankers, not a bank. Thus, the branch will be staffed with qualified bankers who provide a high level of customer service. Hybrid personal banker–tellers will be stationed in the lobby for personal support. A seasoned branch manager will oversee it all, ensuring our new banking center runs smoothly. Lastly, CEO Stewart has been very involved in The Cannon development and will spend time at this location as well.

“In a way, this new location really exemplifies what we believe in as a bank,” said Stewart. “Our mission is to support the underserved owner managed businesses. New entrepreneurs are not only managing their business, but they are also wearing many other hats as well. That’s where we can help. We pride ourselves in providing more than just financing. We offer products that simplify business tasks, and we help new owners build their network by referring them to other business specialists in the area.”

In other words, we know there is more to business than financing. Networking is the key to business success going forward. Entrepreneurs need a great idea to get off the ground, but it takes people—partners and customers—to go far. The Cannon CEO Lawson Gow understands this better than most.

“The community transcends the space,” Gow told Bisnow Houston. “If we can just get there and surround them with all the resources they need, you don’t necessarily need something like this everywhere.”

Set to open late July of this year, The Cannon is more than 90 percent reserved. Membership options include dedicated office space for larger established companies and coworking desk spaces for smaller startups. Members will also receive access to spacious conference and meeting rooms, printing services, and a mailing address. To further build on those embedded services, the entrepreneurial building partnered with Dallas-based law firm Thompson & Knight LLP to bring law expertise into The Cannon. The firm’s experts will be brought in to assist startups on legal matters. TCB’s banking center will serve as a similar resource for surrounding business owners. TCB’s Cannon banking center is expected to open in October of 2019.  

In its entirety, The Cannon will include 131 offices, 300 open and dedicated desks, event space, a full kitchen, a health and wellness room, and more. All housed within its 120,000 square foot facility at 1334 Brittmoore Road, west of Beltway 8 and north of Interstate 10.

Albeit large, The Cannon facility is only the first piece of the puzzle. The impressive coworking building sits on 32 acres which will be developed to include multifamily, commercial, and retail space. So, that Google campus vision is more than just a nice idea, it’s happening.

Want in? Our friends at The Cannon can hook you up. You can prelease space today via their website.  


* Up to 5 employees, 2 times per month.

TCB Cannon Founders Business Checking Account Eligibility Requirements

This offer is intended for new checking customers only. Membership at The Cannon is required to open an account.

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